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Is townhouse living the best option for you? Here at Gold Coast Property we have noticed a rising demand for townhouses and the lifestyle advantages they offer.

Gold Coast Property has put together a list of the advantages of townhouse living for you and your family.

Low maintenance living

Townhouses require little maintenance but the inclusion of an outdoor courtyard ensures you can still entertain, have a small garden or provide the kids and pets with a secure space to play. Great for those who loathe the idea of spending the weekend on maintenance around the house.


Great Amenities

Most townhouse complexes these days offer a great range of amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms & saunas just to name a few. These amenities offer a great lifestyle advantage without the hassle of maintaining them yourself.


Versatile Design

Having the main living area separate from the bedrooms and bathrooms creates a sense of extra space and versatility. This gives you the flexibility of entertaining downstairs without disrupting someone upstairs – great for kids!


Downsizing Alternative

When you are looking to downsize not everyone wants to squeeze a 4 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom apartment this is where townhouses are an ideal alternative. They offer plenty of living space with the option of spare guest rooms and even the space in the courtyard for a veggie patch!




When compared with a house with the same number of bedrooms, townhouses offer incredible value for money. Given that townhouses are a more affordable option they provide the advantage of purchasing in a more convenient location where a house may be out of your budget. Off the plan townhouses also have the added benefit of the first home owners’ grant – a great opportunity to get your foot on the property ladder.


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