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Gold Coast Property has compiled a list of why it would be beneficial for you to renew your current lease.



No one enjoys moving, right? You can avoid the stress of moving by simply renewing you’re less. You won’t have to worry about the costs of removalists, physical labour, the weather etc.


The only expense you may face when renewing you’re lease is a rent increase. If you compare that to the cost of moving, bond clean, carpet clean etc.. in most cases it is probably more economical to stay where you are.



You’ve been in your property for a while, right? If you stay there, chances are you’ll know what to expect out of the deal. Moving, however, can open a whole new world. You could end up with bad neighbours or potential maintenance issues. If you have a connection with your landlord or property manager now and know you can rely on them to help you out with any issues, there’s a big benefit there.



You might spend 5-10 minutes renewing your lease but that is no time compared to the time it will take searching for a new property, viewing the properties, filling out applications, changing utilities and mail and have we mentioned moving?


If your lease end date is approaching, use this time to really crunch the numbers and work out the pros and cons of your situation. Staying put for now might just be the best choice you can make.


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September 1, 2018

Burleigh Waters

Burleigh Waters

January 1, 2019

Lease up?