Score a Rental in a Competitive Market

Gold Coast Property

Gold Coast PropertyGold Coast Property

Struggling to find a rental property? Gold Coast Property has put together a few strategies to help you master your next application and hopefully get approved!


Credit History

If you have any credit history issues, try to get them taken care of ahead of time. Been listed on a tenancy database? If you know there’s a mark against your record, see if you can rectify the issue by paying the outstanding amount or putting a payment plan in place. 


Be Quick

When there is a short supply and rental properties are in high demand you need to act fast. Register your name with real estate agencies in the area to ensure you are first to know about new listings and upcoming open homes.


Be Payment Ready

We hear a lot of stories from renters that found their perfect apartment, only to miss out because they didn’t have the money on hand right away. If your local rental market is red-hot, make sure you can come up with the money fast. That means you should have enough money to pay for your rental bond plus enough to cover two weeks of rent in advance.


Be Reference Ready

If a prospective property manager is considering you, the final step in the decision process will be calling references. When you add references to your application, make sure you include all the necessary details like names, phone numbers and even emails. As a courtesy, it’s good to inform your references ahead of time that you’d like to put them down for your next round of rental applications. 


Be Application Ready

Contact the agency before the inspection to receive an application form and have it filled out and attach all necessary documents before the open home so if you like the property you can hand in your application on the spot.


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